A journey…


A journey into yourself

“I intend to show that life is much more than it seems, that every single one of us have our own path, one that can lead us to a happy life.”

A personal process that has been emerging in my life experience, which I wanted to illustrate and share…

Le chat dans la ville

People are lost in a world where we can’t find ourselves, where we wander, where we behave like robots. We all want to find ourselves, but in order to do so we need to take a journey: a journey into ourselves.


El ego

We usually hide behind a wall we call our ego. This wall we build for all our lives. From a very young age, we shape a personality based on our experiences, our family, and our relationships. By doing so, we reject ourselves. We bond with people through our ego and we leave our true selves aside.



At some point, we decide to look into ourselves to see what lays beyond our wall…



there, in a state of deep honesty and acceptance, we see our own darkness, our deepest home, and all those things we had denied about ourselves come to the surface: fear, anger, jealousy…



Then, we stop behaving like puppets. We stop doing or saying whatever is expected from us. We stop denying our emotions.



A long-hidden sadness may arise. And even though no one said it would be easy, it is worth it.



We know we have to learn to manage our emotions, which are a whole universe. And when you are learning you feel like you get rid of many accumulated burdens, it is really magical, you feel lighter.



It’s the way to break with old schemes, to free our blood, to see new worlds in which we are the creators.


Dejarse llevar

We learn to say ‘yes’ to life, to let us be carried along by it, to fully experiment it.


La nada

Here, in this emptiness, in this void, we can rest. When we empty our minds from all thought, information can flow, and we connect with this universal energy.



We can bind ourselves to our inner goddess: our intuition, a vision linked to our inner selves. Our feminine side in balance with our masculine side. The feminine side creates, the masculine one guides us. Everything together from the heart. 


El mago

This is the way to transformation. Our inner wizard, he observes with no judgement, he accepts life as it is with no boundaries with life or emotions. Letting everything go, turning our inner lead into gold.


El árbol de la vida

That’s the purest state of being, much like the tree of life and its three powers: wisdom, strength and life, the three axis of our cosmos. The tree’s roots represent the connection with the underworld, its trunk represents the union with Mother Earth, and its branches symbolise the nexus with the universe.